Salomon TV Presents Tahoe Ten: Kirkwood To Hope Valley


Join Josh Daiek and Abe Greenspan as they head into the Tahoe backcountry for an epic day in the mountains. Their plan is to ski from Kirkwood to Hope Valley – a route that covers 10000 vertical feet over 20 miles with 5 cool peak descents. Those peaks include Thimble Peak, Peak 9795, Round Top, Red Lake Peak, and Stevens Peak.

Watch Tahoe Ten: Kirkwood to Hope Valley:

This is round 2 of the #TahoeTen. If you missed the last one, watch Tahoe Ten: Meyers To Maggies now.

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Official Description from YouTube:
Published on Jan 31, 2017
1 day. 5 peaks. 20 miles, 10,000 vertical gain. Josh Daiek and Abe Greenspan are back for round two of #TahoeTen