Snowboarder Killed In Avalanche On Mittagskogel In Tyrol, Austria (UPDATED)


Tyrol, Austria – On Wednesday, February 8, 2017 a 27-year-old snowboarder from Finland was killed in an avalanche on the Mittagskogel in the Southern Otztal Alps in North Tyrol, Austria.

Avalanche Warning Sign | Pixabay
Avalanche Warning Sign | Pixabay

The victim was part of a group of 4 that had ascended from the Pitztal Glacier to the Mittagskogel at 3159 meters. Upon their descent they triggered the avalanche. One of the snowboarders was caught and dragged approximately 300 to 400 meters over steep and rocky terrain. The snowboarder sustained serious injuries and did not survive. The other three members of the group were uninjured.

See a picture of the slide at will visit the site on February 9, 2017 and will publish more details soon. rated the avalanche danger R8 Südl. Ötztaler & Stubai Alps as 3 out of 5 above 2400 meters and 2 out of 5 below 2400 meters on 8 February 2017.

UPDATE 2/9: reports that the avalanche occurred on a 40 degree slope at 3015 meters on a NW aspect. The lat/ long was 46.9314° N 10.8667° E. The size 3 slab avalanche was 5 meters wide, 900 meters long, and 40 cm deep. The avalanche danger at the time was 3 out of 5 (considerable).

UPDATED 2/ visited the site of the avalanche and published a detailed avalanche accident report here. They note that the avalanche occurred at about 3050 meters on a NW aspect over steep, rocky, exposed terrain. The avalanche broke a few meters wide and caught the lower snowboarder. The slide was 10 to 40cm deep at the upper section and 80 cm deep further down. It ran 900 meters. See photos of the slide at

We will try to update this post when more information is available.

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