Salomon TV Presents The Shadow Of Mackenzie


Revelstoke, British Columbia is known for legendary snow and amazing skiing. If you enjoy these things, watch this short film presented by Salomon TV featuring Leo Ahrens getting after it at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. After watching The Shadow of Mackenzie, you’ll want to go on an adventure to this mountain playground.

Watch The Shadow Of Mackenzie from Salomon TV:

Time for a road trip to Revy?

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Official Description From YouTube:
Published on Feb 21, 2017
They say… no man who enters the shadows comes out alive. The allure of Mount Mackenzie’s dark side, otherwise know as Revelstoke Mountain Resort, plays host to countless folk tails, fables and myths. A land where men are made and the weak go missing. Leo Ahrens explore the shadows with nothing more than a pair of skis and a dedicated mind. Conditions reach an all time high and no feature is left untouched. Will he make it out alive?