Swiss Glacier Collapses After 220 People Evacuated From Area


Trift Glacier, Switzerland – On Saturday, September 9, 2017 220 people were evacuated from the mountain town of Saas-Grund in Switzerland. During the night, 2/3 of the unstable tongue of the Trift Glacier collapsed above Saas-Grund. Luckily there was no damage or casualties in the incident.

Switzerland | Pixabay Image
Switzerland | Pixabay Image

According to the, radar surveillance indicated the “glacier’s snout moving at a rate of up to 130 centimeters (51 inches) per day” and the “pace accelerated during the night.” writes (via Google Translate) that “the displacement of the ice mass was 120-130 centimeters per 24 hours at 10:00 am Saturday, it reached 200 centimeters at 16:00, 250 to 300 centimeters at midnight and five meters per 24 hours during the night.”

According to, about 1/3 of the “unstable tongue of the Trift glacier” remains. Authorities will continue to monitor the area. The area has “been under observation since October 2014”.

Everyone was able to safely return to their homes on Sunday. The trails near the Trift Glacier remain closed to people and livestock.

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