Tsirku Episode 3: Corrugated


Tsirku Episode 3: Corrugated

The North Face presents the 2nd episode of Tsirku: The Drop by Sherpa Cinemas. This 3-part series stars Sam Anthamatten, Hadley Hammer, and Ralph Backstrom as they head to the epic Tsirku Glacier zone, which is tucked into the wilds of Alaska/BC/Yukon, to ski ad ride the remote face of spines known as Corrugated.

In episode three of Tsirku, the trio put it all on the line to access the legendary spine face called Corrugated. From breaking through cornices to rappelling into the line. Once they are on the face, sit back and enjoy the stunning spine lines of Corrugated.

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That’s some beautiful ski mountaineering.

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Official Description From YouTube:

Published on Oct 31, 2016
One last thing stood in between the athletes and the face of Corrugated; mammoth cornices were blocking their access. Led by Mountain Guide Sam Anthamatten, the team works together to find their way onto the spine wall.