Two Russian Climbers Killed In Avalanche On Ikatsky Ridge In Buryatia, Russia


Avalanche Kills Two Climbers On Remote Route On Ikatsky Ridge In Eastern Siberia

Ikatsky Ridge, Buryatia, Russia – On April 18, 2016 two Russian climbers were killed in an avalanche while climbing a new route on a remote vertical wall on the Ikatsky Ridge in Dzherzhinsky Nature Reserve near the junction of the Ikat, Barguzin, and Muyski mountain ranges in the Kurumkansky region of the Russian republic of Buryatia in eastern Siberia.

Avalanche Debris - Pixabay
Avalanche Debris | Stock Image

A group of six climbers from Irkusk registered for the climb on April 12 in the village of Ust-Barguzin. After a multi-day approach following the Barguzin river basin the group reached a remote massif consisting of five peaks around 2,500 meters. On April 18, while attempting to climb one of “the most difficult routes” on the Ikatsky ridge, an avalanche struck the group – four managed to escape and two were buried and killed.

Artemy Sinyushkin and Konstantin Krivosheyev, both 28, were killed in the avalanche. The bodies were located by their group and authorities were notified. Sixteen rescuers responded to the accident site. They had to travel hundreds of kilometers through remote Siberia utilizing snowmobiles and human power. The site was too remote for a helicopter to reach. The bodies were brought to base camp and are hoped to be evacuated on April 20. Authorities will conduct an investigation into the accident.

The victims were both members of the Russian Mountaineering Federation. The group was led by Alexander Klepikov. Klepikov has been to the Ikatsky Ridge area before. He wrote an article on about the Ikatsky Massif which includes photos of the area.

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