Freedom Found By Warren Miller Book Review


Book Review: Freedom Found – My Life Story by Warren Miller

Warren Miller has influenced the lives of countless skiers and riders around the world. He’s quite possibly the world’s most successful ski bum, although he is better known as “skiing’s greatest storyteller and as the godfather of action-sports filmmaking.” The new autobiography, Freedom Found by Warren Miller, takes a look at Miller’s life behind the camera.

Freedom Found by Warren Miller |
Freedom Found by Warren Miller

Miller helped to bring the world of skiing to the masses throughout his six-decade career making ski films. His easily identifiable voice, witty humor, laughable wisecracks, and passion for skiing and filmmaking made him a skiing legend. But what do you really know about the life and times of Warren Miller?

Warren Miller’s new autobiography, Freedom Found: My Life Story provides readers with an inside look at Warren’s personal life. This 450+ page book documents every detail of Miller’s life story – and he has lots of stories to tell.

“I won’t ruin a good story with the absolute truth.” – Warren Miller

Miller’s raise to skiing stardom began with a dysfunctional family life in Southern California. He went on to survive a typhoon that sunk his ship during WWII, went AWOL to go skiing, managed several winters living in ski resort parking lots, and began his film career by selling $1 tickets to his premier, Deep and Light, in 1950. That film sparked his career in the ski film business and led to a ski film empire.

Miller accomplished so much in his lifetime. He created 50+ ski films, produced countless marketing films, wrote numerous books, and influenced so many people. Like any businessman, Warren had his ups and downs but at the end of the day he always made his living chasing snow and filming. Miller’s journey into the heart of skiing paralleled the evolution of the sport. Freedom Found provides interesting insight into the history of skiing and the history of Warren of Miller.

Warren Miller films have served as inspiration and entertainment for generations of skiers. Freedom Found shines the spotlight on who Warren Miller is behind the scenes and it will appeal to any skier, ski history buff, or fans of his movies.

Official Trailer – Freedom Found: My Life Story, by Warren Miller from Warren Miller Co. on Vimeo.

Freedom Found by Warren Miller gets a double thumbs up from us. It was well written in Miller’s classic style. Occasionally the book dives into a bit more detail than expected, but that’s ok because this is an autobiography, not a ski film. And let’s face it, his inspirational story created the Warren Miller that we all aspire to be.

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Pick up a copy of Freedom Found by Warren Miller and get to know the man behind the legend. Warren Miller and Andy Bigford collaborated on this book. Freedom Found features numerous photos that help bring the story to life. It was published on 1 September 2016 by the Warren Miller Company.

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