G3U Presents Traverse Tips 2 – Snow Kitchen Cooking


G3 University Presents Traverse Tips Episode 2 with Brodie Smith – Snow Kitchen Cooking

G3 has teamed up with ACMG Ski Guide Brodie Smith to bring you Traverse Tips – a collection of video tips shot along the Bugaboos to Rogers Traverse. In episode 2, you’ll learn some quick tips about cooking and cleaning while on a ski traverse.

Are you ready to watch G3U Traverse Tips 2 – Snow Kitchen Cooking?

Snow Kitchen Cooking – Traverse Tips Ep 2 – #G3U from G3 Genuine Guide Gear on Vimeo.

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Official Description From Vimeo:

ACMG guide Brodie Smith and friends set out on the infamous Bugaboos to Rogers Traverse last spring. We asked them to share some short ‘n sweet tips throughout their adventures.
Here is Episode 2 – a few quick tips for your next snow kitchen.
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STEP OUTSIDE. Ask Questions. Try Something New. Exceed Expectations.
Skier: Brodie Smith
Video: Steve Ogle
Location: Bugaboos, BC
Ski: G3 FINDr 102
Binding: G3 ION LT 12
Skins: G3 Scala Climbing Skins


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