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What Are Your Favorite Warren Miller Quotes And Sayings?

Warren Miller is the world’s greatest ski bum. He’s lived in parking lots and survived on ketchup and crackers just to go skiing. His endless hustle, witty humor, and passion for skiing eventually led him to build the world’s longest running ski film business. We’ve all seen his films and they are part of the reason why we all love to ski.

Warren Miller Quotes - "If you don't do it this year, you'll be one year older when you do."

Warren Miller inspired and entertained generations of skiers and riders from around the world. He’s taken us to the far ends of the earth to experience the wonderful world of snowsports and it’s been a fantastic journey in the pursuit of freedom and adventure.

There are plenty of Warren Miller quotes, sayings, and snippets of wise wisdom that will make you smile. Apply them to skiing or apply them to life.

Below you’ll find a selection of the best Warren Miller Quotes:

  • “I won’t ruin a good story with the absolute truth.”
  • “Never tell a lie, because you don’t have a good enough memory.”
  • “Always try everything at least twice.”
  • “Freedom is located somewhere outside the box.”
  • “If at first you don’t succeed, failure may be your thing.”
  • “On the other hand, you have different fingers.”
  • “One-seventh of your life is spent on Monday.”
  • “If you don’t have any idea where you’re going, you’ll probably end up there.”
  • “Freedom is when preparation meets the opportunity you have created.”
  • “How old would you be if you didn’t know when you were born?”
  • “Birthdays are good for you – the more you have the longer you live.”
  • “Don’t take life seriously, because you won’t come out of it alive.”
  • “Die living.”
  • “Adventure is the invitation for common people to become uncommon.”
  • “You can’t get hurt skiing unless you fall.”
  • “The definition of extreme is to go past your known limits by an unknown amount.”
  • “The best place in the world to ski is where you’re skiing that day.”
  • “If you don’t do it this year, you’ll be one year older when you do.”

To read more Warren Miller Quotes, pick up a copy of his autobiography, Freedom Found by Warren Miller. He printed his favorite quotes near the end of the book. It’s far from a complete list, but it’s one of the better resources of Warren Miller Quotes that we’ve found. Enjoy! “Thank you, and good night.”

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