The Best Heli Skiing In Canada


Deep powder, endless mountains, untouched terrain, and a whirly bird to whisk you back to the top. Heli skiing is every skier and rider’s perfect adventure. One of the best destinations in the world to go heli skiing is Canada.

Helicopter Skiing | Stock Photo
Helicopter Skiing | Stock Photo

Hans Gmoser pioneered the sport of heli skiing in Canada. Since he introduced the world to this wild concept, it’s exploded – especially in BC. The vast mountains combined with the deep snowpack makes for some of the best heli skiing in the world. There are plenty of operators to choose from and they all deliver the goods.

Where To Go Heli Skiing In The United States

Imagine untracked turns in perfect snow for thousands of meters. Then an adrenaline pumping ride in a helicopter delivers you back to the top to do it all over again. It’s like having the run of your life over and over. Heli skiing in Canada is the ultimate ski experience. Whether you’re based out of ski town like Revelstoke or stay in a luxurious lodge in the middle of the Carboos, you’re going to love heli skiing in Canada.

Below you will find links to the best heli skiing in Canada. Who are you going to fly with?

One of the beauties of heli-skiing in BC is that the heli-ski operations can almost always fly the bird to access either high alpine terrain or out of this world tree skiing. Unlike Alaska, where there is a lot of hurry up and wait for the weather to clear, if you’re heli skiing in Canada you’re going to get to ski.

Whether you book a day trip or plan a ten day package, the certified ski guides that work in the Canadian heli ski industry are going to take good care of you. They can work with beginner heli skiers or take out charging pros with their film crews. They know their tenure and topography like the back of their hand and they’ll take you to the best snow every time.

Just be careful when you go heli skiing in Canada, you’re likely to get hooked.


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