Montana 12ers – List and Map Of The Montana 12,000 Foot Peaks

Montana is home to lots of mountains including 26 (or 27) peaks that are over 12,000′. All of the Montana 12ers are located in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness in the Beartooth Mountains. Can you climb or ski them all?

Montana 12,000 Foot Peaks Map:

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(All pinpoints are close, but are not 100% accurate)

Montana 12,000 Foot Peaks List:

1Granite Peak12,799'Beartooth Range
2Point 12,74512,745'Beartooth Range
3Mount Wood12,660'Beartooth Range
4Castle Mountain12,612'Beartooth Range
5Whitetail Peak12,551'Beartooth Range
6Silver Run Peak12,542'Beartooth Range
7Point 12,54012,540'Beartooth Range
8Tempest Mountain12,500'Beartooth Range
9Mount Peal12,409'Beartooth Range
10Castle Rock Mountain12,401'Beartooth Range
11Beartooth Mountain12,351'Beartooth Range
12Bowback Mountain12,351'Beartooth Range
13Mount Villard12,345'Beartooth Range
14Glacier Peak12,340'Beartooth Range
15Mount Hague12,323'Beartooth Range
16Spirit Mountain12,283'Beartooth Range
17Sundance Mountain12,262'Beartooth Range
18Darlene Mountain12,250'Beartooth Range
19Cairn Mountain12,220'Beartooth Range
20Mount Rearguard12,204'Beartooth Range
21Pyramid Mountain12,119'Beartooth Range
22Forget Me Not Mountain12,115'Beartooth Range
23Mystic Mountain12,100'Beartooth Range
25Snowbank Mountain12,084'Beartooth Range
26Sky Pilot Mountain12,047'Beartooth Range
27*Villard Spires12,000'Beartooth Range

* There is controversy over the elevation of the Villard Spires. Read more about that on

How many of the Montana 12ers have you climbed or skied? If you’ve climbed or skied them all, leave a note in the comments below.

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