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What Are Your Favorite Reinhold Messner Quotes?

Reinhold Messner | Pixabay Image
Reinhold Messner | Pixabay Image

Do you know any Reinhold Messner quotes off the top of your head?

Reinhold Messner (17 September 1944 – ) is one of the world’s greatest mountaineers. The Italian explorer has accomplished more astonishing feats in the mountains than most people can even dream of.

Messner was one of the first men to climb all fourteen of the world’s 8000 meter peaks. He made the first ascent of Everest without oxygen with Peter Habeler in 1978 and was the first person to climb Everest solo in 1980. He was the 1st person to cross Antarctica and Greenland without snowmobiles or dog sleds. He’s hiked across the Gobi Desert alone. He’s made numerous first ascents. The man is a true legend.

Messner has experienced so much in his life. He’s published countless books about his adventures in the far flung corners of the world. And of course he’s said a few things that will inspire, motivate, and ring true with mountain enthusiasts like you.

Below you’ll find a selection of inspirational Reinhold Messner Quotes:

  • The wonderful things in life are the things you do, not the things you have.
  • I do this for myself because I am my own fatherland and my handkerchief is my flag.
  • It’s always further than it looks. It’s always taller than it looks. And it’s always harder than it looks.
  • I didn’t go up there to die. I went up there to live.
  • Mountains are not fair or unfair, they are just dangerous.
  • Without the possibility of death, adventure is not possible.
  • I always take the same perspective with each new adventure. I put myself in the position of being at the end of my life looking back. Then I ask myself if what I am doing is important to me.
  • Bolts are the murder of the impossible.
  • Those that reach their goals perish.
  • I am nothing more than a single narrow gasping lung, floating over the mists and summits.
  • If you have a high-way on Everest, you don’t meet the mountain. If everything is prepared, and you have a guide who is responsible for your security, you cannot meet the mountain. Meeting mountains is only possible if you . . . are out there in self-sufficiency.
  • I want to solve a climbing problem in the mountains, not in the sporting goods store.
  • Over time, our only chance at safety will depend on not turning the mountains into Disneyland.

Which of these Reinhold Messner quotes is your favorite? Did we miss any quotes that we should add to the list? Tell us in the comments below.

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