13 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Skiers Who Have Everything


Skiing is a gear intensive sport. Whether we’re ripping a groomer, camping on a glacier, rappelling into a couloir, or out for a leisurely ski tour, the gear we use and carry will have a powerful impact on the overall enjoyment of our day. Heck it might even save our lives.

Gear Explosion!

Gear is kind of a big deal. Every skier pours over the annual Gear Guides, reads gear reviews online, and asks their buddies what they recommend. Skiers are constantly expanding their quivers and increasing their collection of odds and ends. Over time the gear starts to pile up – making it hard for their friends and family to know what to buy them for gifts.

As someone who loves a skier, what are you going to buy for the gear junkie on your list? Here are a few last minute gift ideas for skiers who have everything:

  1. Snow Shed Wax – Whether you’re at the resort or setting a skin track, it’s tiring to lug around extra snow on your skis, skins, or bindings. Use Snow Shed Wax to enhance the ski experience.
  2. Skeats Skin Cleats Skeats are pocket friendly “cleats” that give your skis or split board extra grip in the skin track. Eliminate those frustrating moments in a slippery, steep, or slick skin track with a pair of these handy tools.
  3. Voile Straps You can never have too many Voile Straps. They can be used for just about anything.
  4. Buff A quality Buff is one of the best things you can wear in the mountains. This versatile tube of cloth should be considered essential gear.
  5. Darn Tough Socks After wearing the same socks day in and day out, it’s always nice to have a fresh pair of merino socks that aren’t too stinky.
  6. Skiing Guidebooks Exploring a new zone this winter? Want to find new lines in your local stomping grounds? A backcountry skiing guidebook can change your whole perspective on the mountains.
  7. Sno-Seal Tired of water soaked, cold gloves? Grab a jar of Sno-Seal and waterproof your gear.
  8. GAIA GPS – This is the ultimate mountain app. Topos, tracking, stats. Whether you’re skiing, hiking, or mountaineering, GAIA is a must have app.
  9. Hammer Recoverite Hate bonking? With Recoverite, you’ll feel as good as new.
  10. Backcountry Magazine Subscriptions Stay up-to-date on the world of backcountry skiing and split boarding with the magazine that’s fully dedicated to the “untracked experience.”
  11. First Aid Kit Things happen in the mountains. From cuts to blisters, a first aid kit can make everything better.
  12. Gorilla Tape When things break, you need to fix them. Gorilla Tape can fix lots of things.
  13. BCA BC Link Radios Mountain communication can be challenging. With BCA’s Link Radios, you’ll be able to stay in touch with your buddies.

Hopefully this list of last minute gift ideas for skiers who have everything will inspire your shopping. It’s highly likely that you can find these things at your local retailer. Feel free to use the links provided in this post to buy online. If you do use the links in this post, it helps to support MountainJourney.com – and we really appreciate it.

Happy Holidays!

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