Utah 13ers – List And Map Of The 13,000′ Peaks In Utah

Utah is a stunningly beautiful place with numerous mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, and deserts. But if you’re looking to climb the highest peaks in Utah, you just have to visit the Uinta Mountains.

All of the Utah 13ers are located in the rugged and remote Uinta Mountains. Located in northeastern Utah, the Uinta Mountains are the highest range in the US that runs east to west. This unique range is home to 19 peaks over 13,000′. Only 7 of 19 of the Utah 13ers have official names. The rest are known by unofficial names. Can you climb them all?

Map of Utah 13ers:

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(All pinpoints are close, but are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate)

List of Utah 13ers:

1Kings Peak13,528'Uintas
2South Kings Peak13,512'Uintas
3Gilbert Peak13,442'Uintas
4Mount Emmons13,440'Uintas
5Painter Peak**13,387Uintas
6Roberts Peak**13,287'Uintas
7Gunsight Peak**13,263'Uintas
8Henrys Fork Peak**13,260'Uintas
9Trail Rider Peak**13,247'Uintas
10Mount Lovenia13,219'Uintas
11South Mount Emmons**13,170'Uintas
12Tokewanna Peak13,165'Uintas
13Mount Powell13,159'Uintas
14Wasatch Benchmark**13,156'Uintas
15West Gunsight Peak**13,103'Uintas
16North Mount Emmons**13,068'Uintas
17Wilson Peak13,060'Uintas
18NW Wasatch**13,039'Uintas
19East Lovenia**13.032'Uintas

A ** by the peak name means that these are peaks without official names.

Utah 13ers Speed Record

On July 8, 2017, Jared Campbell and Luke Nelson set the Fastest Known Time for summiting all 19 of the Utah 13ers. They completed this mountain project in 32 hours, 50 minutes, and 28 seconds. Read more here.

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