Wyoming 13ers Map And List

Grand Teton | Pixabay Image
Grand Teton | Pixabay Image

Wyoming is home to 35 peaks over 13000 feet in elevation with at least 300 feet of prominence. For peak baggers, some of the Wyoming 13ers are straightforward hikes, but others require technical climbing skills. Are you ready to climb them all?

The 13000 foot peaks in Wyoming can be found in the following mountain ranges:

  • Absaroka Range – 1
  • Bighorn Mountains – 2
  • Teton Range – 1
  • Wind Rivers – 31

Wyoming 13ers Map:

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(The pinpoints may not be 100% accurate)

Wyoming 13ers List:

RankPeakElevation - FeetProminence - FeetRange
1Gannett Peak138047076Wind Rivers
2Grand Teton137706550Teton Range
3Fremont Peak137451184Wind Rivers
4Mount Warren13772982Wind Rivers
5Mount Helen13620840Wind Rivers
6Turret Peak13620640Wind Rivers
7Mount Sacagawea13569469Wind Rivers
8Jackson Peak13517737Wind Rivers
9Mount Woodrow Wilson13502522Wind Rivers
10Bastion Peak13494754Wind Rivers
11Mount Febbas13468728Wind Rivers
12Sunbeam Peak13460600Wind Rivers
13Flagstone Peak13450830Wind Rivers
14Pinnacle Ridge13365345Wind Rivers
15Downs Mountain133491569Wind Rivers
16Mount Koven13265445Wind Rivers
17Sphinx13258318Wind Rivers
18Spearhead Pinnacle13220320Wind Rivers
19American Legion Peak13205945Wind Rivers
20Bete Noire131981058Wind Rivers
21Wind River Peak131922572Wind Rivers
22East Twin Peaks13185405Wind Rivers
231318013180320Wind Rivers
24Cloud Peak131677077Bighorn Mountains
25Desolation Peak13155935Wind Rivers
26Split Mountain13155575Wind Rivers
27Francs Peak131534056Absaroka Range
28Henderson Peak13115775Wind Rivers
29Klondike Peak13114664Wind Rivers
301306213062442Wind Rivers
31Harrower Peak13052912Wind Rivers
32Bow Mountain13020600Wind Rivers
33Mount Whitecap13020600Wind Rivers
34Black Tooth Mountain13005665Bighorn Mountains
35Knife Point Mountain13001661Wind Rivers

This list is based on information from ListOfJohns.com and PeakBagger.com. For photos and trip reports of these summits, visit SummitPost.org.

Wyoming 13ers Records

We scoured the Internet and were unable to find any records in regards to the Wyoming 13000′ peaks.

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