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What Are Your Favorite Hans Gmoser Quotes?

Hans Gmoser (July 7, 1932 – July 5, 2006) was an Austrian skier, climber, businessman, and mountain guide. Gmoser immigrated to Canada in 1951. his passion for the mountains helped him to quickly became a leading figure in Canada’s mountain community. Through his businesses, films, and lifestyle, Gmoser spearheaded the popularization of outdoor adventure in Canada.

Deep Powder and Steep Rock: The LIfe Of Mountain Guide Hans Gmoser by Chic Scott

In Deep Powder and Steep Rock: The Life of Mountain Guide Hans Gmoser, Chic Scott describes Gmoser as “the most influential mountaineer in Canada in the last fifty years.” Besides being a founding member of the ACMG (Association Of Canadian Mountain Guides), Gmoser is also credited as the inventor of heli-skiing. His company Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH) is one of the largest mountain adventure operations in the world.

Gmoser is a mountain legend. If you want to learn more about this inspirational individual, please pick up a copy of Deep Powder and Steep Rock: The Life of Mountain Guide Hans Gmoser by Chic Scott. Hopefully someday we can all be as cool as Hans Gmoser.

Below you’ll find a selection of the best Hans Gmoser quotes:

  • A person should have wings to carry them where their dreams go, but sometimes a pair of skis makes a good substitute.
  • In the end, to ski is to travel fast and free – free over the untouched, snow-covered country. To be bound to one slope even to one mountain, by a lift may be convenient but it robs us of the greatest pleasure that skiing can give, that is, to travel through the wide, wintry country; to follow the lure of the peaks which tempt on the horizon; and to be alone for a few days or even a few hours in clear, mysterious surroundings.
  • There is nothing in the world like going out onto an untouched, open, virgin mountain slope drenched under a thick blanket of new powder snow. It gives a supreme feeling of freedom, mobility. A great sense of flying, moving anywhere in a great white paradise.
  • Let us get our skis ready, our minds set on a great adventure and travel through a mountain range with huge glaciers and snowfields, wonderful powder snow and long ski runs. Mind you, there are no overnight shelters and no place to buy food along the way. We have to carry everything on our backs. It is not as difficult and strange as it may seem.
  • For uphill transportation for ski touring we need something with far more versatility and mobility than the most convenient types of ski lifts. And the machine to fit the bill is a helicopter.
  • I am quite convinced that ski touring will never achieve the same popularity as lift skiing, unless our society will undergo a drastic change and switches its emphasis from materialism to humanism. This seems unlikely although I deem it most essential tot he survival of mankind…
  • There is nothing like a little hunger and despair to clear your vision.
  • Looking back, I’ve had a good interesting life. I had my time in the mountains. I had my time as a businessman. So what more can I ask for?

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